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OBJECTIVE: To check compliance of anaesthetist to current policies set for the use of medication within operation room and for induction room floor stock.

METHODS: The initial audit was conducted from 1st October to 31st November 2006 and reaudit after dissemination and sharing of results within the department repeated in July-August 2007. In each audit four operating rooms were visited twice a week. Syringes were checked for standard drug labelling for narcotic and non narcotic preparations. Drug trolley was checked for any expired drugs and whether the trolley was locked in case of operating room (OR) where list was ended or was on hold. Any unattended drug was noted and Induction room was checked twice weekly for accurate drug inventory and for standard drug storage recommendations.

RESULTS: Labels were according to standard in non narcotic drugs on 25% syringes in first audit and 63% in second audit, likewise, narcotics labels were according to standards in 41% in first and 57% in second audit. Unattended drugs were present once in first and twice in second audit. There was 100% compliance in other drug storage policy parameters in both audits.

CONCLUSION: Poor compliance of drug labelling standards for both narcotic and non narcotic drugs was present. However, second audit revealed improvement in all areas of drug handling. Dissemination of policies and reminders are important for continuing improvement in use of medication within operation room and within induction room floor stock.

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Journal of the Pakistan Medical Association