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Objective: To compare the analgesic efficacy and side effects of ketorolac with pethidine in a day care procedure.STUDY Design: Single dose, double blind, case matched study.Methods: Sixty patients were divided into group A and group B, who received either ketorolac 30 mg or Pethidine 0.8 mg/kg ( both IN ) respectively at the time of induction of general anaesthesia. Patients were assessed in recovery room for pain according to visual analogue scale and any side effects. Amount of rescue analgesia required by both groups were also recorded. Odds Ratio and and Chi Square test were used for statistical analysis.Results: Statistical analysis showed no significant differences between these two drugs at any time interval, however a significantly decreased incidence of nausea and drowsiness was found in ketorolac group.CONCLUSION: Ketorolac 30 mg intravenously provides similar analgesic effects as Pethidine with much less incidence of nausea and drowsiness.


Journal of Pakistan Medical Association