Caudal analgesia with buprenorphine for postoperative pain relief in children

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Caudal buprenorphine was investigated as a postoperative analgesic in a randomized double blind study in thirty children aged 5-12 years undergoing lower abdominal and lower limb surgery. Comparison was made between two groups of patients, one group receiving plain bupivacaine and the other a combination of plain bupivacaine with buprenorphine. Postoperative analgesia was assessed using a linear analogue scale, and by the response to direct questioning of children using an illustration of sequence of faces. Any untoward side effects and the need for additional analgesics were recorded. The degree and duration of analgesia was far superior in the buprenorphine group and there was a highly significant difference in the requirement of postoperative analgesia between the two groups. There were no major adverse side effects and no motor weakness in either groups, however the incidence of nausea and vomiting was higher in the buprenorphine group. It is concluded that a combination of bupivacaine with buprenorphine administered through the caudal epidural space is a safe and reliable means of providing postoperative pain relief in children for up to 24 h.

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Paediatric Anaesthesia