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Acute aortic dissection in pregnancy is a serious situation, because rapid and appropriate surgical decision making is required to save the life of both mother and baby. Aortic dissection is rare in young women but is likely during pregnancy (third trimester) secondary to the hyperdynamic and hypervolaemic circulatory state associated with pregnancy. A 35 years old 27 weeks pregnant patient weighing 90 kg presented in the emergency with severe chest pain. In the immediate post cardiopulmonary bypass period, the patient started bleeding profusely from the anastamotic sites irrespective of utilization of all the conventional methods of haemostasis including multiple units of whole blood, fresh frozen plasma, platelets, calcium and cryoprecipitates. As a last resort she was given low dose r FVIIa (1.2 mg containing 60 KIU of Factor VII). This stopped the bleeding and the haemodyramics were stabilized.

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Journal of the Pakistan Medical Association