Anaesthetic reasons for cancellation of elective surgical inpatients on the day of surgery in a teaching hospital

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Objective: A prospect audit was conducted to find out the anaesthetic reasons for cancellation of surgical in patients on the day of surgery, and to plan for future suggestive corrective actions to reduce unnecessary cancellations.Methods: The audit was conducted at Aga Khan University Hospital for one year from 1st January to 31st December 2003. Data was collected monthly on a pre-designed form and the files of cases that were cancelled were reviewed by two consultants and labeled as justifiable or not justifiable cancellation.Results: Eight thousand, five hundred and twenty six patients were scheduled for surgery during the study period, 359 (4%) were cancelled on the day of surgery after their names appeared on the operating room schedule. Only 28 (8%) of all cancellation were anaesthetic cancellations, 15 of which fell in nonjustifiable category.CONCLUSION: Although anaesthetic cancellations were only 0.3% of total elective admissions, this number can be improved further in the interest of the patients by implementing and following the recommendations that have been proposed following this audit.


Journal of Pakistan Medical Association