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Neonatal primary hyperparathyroidism (NPHP) is a rare disease that presents in the first 6 months of life. It is almost invariably fatal unless a prompt diagnosis is made and urgent surgical intervention is instituted. Patients with hyperparathyroidism require special preoperative considerations. They require proper work-up from cardiac, renal and neurological point of view, correction of intravenous volume and electrolytes irregularities. We are presenting a case of an infant who started to have cyanosis and lethargy at 21st day of life. Initial diagnosis of pneumonia was made but later on diagnosed as hyperparathyroidism. He was planned for parathyroidectomy under general anaesthesia. He was induced with sevoflurane followed by fentanyl and atracurium and intubated with size 3.5 mm endotracheal tube (ETT). Later, he was maintained with isoflurane and O2/NO2. He was successfully extubated at the end of operation and was shifted to intensive care unit (ICU) for close monitoring.


Journal of Pakistan Medical Association