The Lived Experience of Families with a Mentally Ill Family Member

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Book Review


School of Nursing and Midwifery, East Africa


Did you know what it feels like living with and caring for a mentally ill family member? If you have, then this book offers you an opportunity to know similar others’ experiences. If you have never known how it feels, then this is the right book for you. Most of the diseases that people suffer from make the patient to suffer with pain and discomfort. For mental illness, the family member suffer more than the patient they are taking care of. The families would prefer losing their loved one to death than losing him to mental illness. When the person is lost to death others comfort and sympathize with them, but when the person is lost to mental illness they yield stigma, shame, embarrassment and humiliation. This is least expected for a disease like mental illness that is not contagious. The more one gives critical attention to details of care of the patient, the more one suffers stress and sometimes depression as a result of caring for the mentally ill patient. This book provides mental health workers and students a comprehension of family members' experience and ultimately inspire them to offer holistic care to mentally ill patient and the afflicted families. Enjoy your reading.

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Lambert Academic Publishing