Structure Healthcare Standards and Criteria That Contribute to the Care of Residents in Homes for the Elderly: A Narrative Review

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School of Nursing and Midwifery, East Africa


Meaningful life for the residents is mostly influenced by the context of the homes for the elderly. Context in terms of structure healthcare standards should recognize protection needs of residents as their rights to safety. The review aimed to identify structure healthcare standards and criteria that contribute to the care of residents in homes for the elderly. The literature reviewed included theoretical and empirical literature. Peer-reviewed scientific journals based on the structure standards in healthcare that contribute to the care of residents in homes for the elderly were obtained from three databases (Google scholar, PubMed, HINARI). Key words search of these databases were used. One hundred twenty-eight studies (n = 128) on healthcare standards were identified. Latter analysis was followed to analyze the studies whereby researchers merged findings of single and independent studies. Seven main themes emerged from the analysis namely infrastructure, clinical management, meals and water, residents’ rights, guiding documents for the care of residents, human resources required, and safety and security. Homes for the elderly should involve the elderly in their care to promote ownership of their services. In addition, the homes must improve the physical set-up to balance residents’ needs and protecting them from physical and psychological maltreatment.

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Journal of Aging and Environment