The Effect of Nurses and Midwives’ Research Knowledge, Attitude and Skills on Patient Outcomes: A Literature Review and Conceptual Framework

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School of Nursing and Midwifery, East Africa


Researchers have demonstrated that educational interventions can be effective at increasing the knowledge and skills associated with evidence-based practice including reproductive, maternal and child health care. However in developing countries like Tanzania, little attention has been paid for interventions that focus on capacity building for evidence-based practice among nurses and midwives in the clinical settings. A lack of research evidence-based practice in clinical setting contributes to as many as 30%–40% of patients not receiving care and some 20%–25% of patients may receive potentially harmful care. Thus, this article reviews the growing body of research on operational research training for nurses and midwives and its effectiveness to patient outcomes. This serves as the first step for capacity building on operational research to nurses and midwives in Tanzania.


This work was published before the author joined Aga Khan University.

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ARC Journal of Public Health and Community Medicine