Frequency of consumption and nutrient composition of composite dishes commonly consumed by South Asians originating from Gujerat and the Punjab

Tashmin Kassam-Khamis, Aga Khan University
Patricia A. Judd, King's College London
Jane E. Thomas, King's College London
Leena Sevak, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
Sheila Reddy, King's College London
Smita Gonatra, Central Middlesex Hospital


Information regarding the most common dishes consumed by South Asians originating from the Punjab (Sikhs) or Gujerat (Hindus) and living in London, was obtained from weighed records collected as part of three separate dietary surveys. For each common dish the content of energy and selected nutrient was calculated from the ingredients and cooked weight as described in the diet records. There was considerable variation in the fat and energy contents of similar recipes both within and between groups, suggesting that reduction in fat (and hence energy) intakes could be achieved, without loss of palatability, by recommending use of the lower fat versions.