Fine Needle Aspiration Diagnosis of Histoplasma Lymphadenitis using Multidisciplinary Expert Opinion through Telepathology

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Medical College (East Africa)


Background: Histoplasmosis is an opportunistic fungal infection commonly seen in immunocompromised patients, especially in AIDS patients, children and elderly patients. Early detection of these organisms can help in curbing the mortality and complications. Fine needle aspiration is an ideal cost effective diagnostic procedure. Diagnosis may be missed if the pathologist is not familiar with cytological features. Case: We describe a case of histoplasma lymphadenitis in retroviral positive female where accurate diagnosis was made possible by using the availability of multidisciplinary expert opinion through referral and telepathology. Conclusion: Diagnosing a fungal infection can prove challenging because of uncommon presentations. Availability of multidisciplinary expert opinion through referral or telecytology can be of great value to a solitary pathologist practicing in a remote community hospital.

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Recent Advances in Pathology & Laboratory Medicine (RAPL)