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Pathology (East Africa)


Plasma Cell Leukemia (PCL) is a rare and aggressive form of plasma cell dyscrasia that can arise either de novo (primary plasma cell leukemia) or evolve from previously diagnosed and treated multiple myeloma (secondary PCL). We highlight three clinical cases with very different presentations as a reminder of this diagnosis. (e cases also highlight the diversity and variability that cover a patient’s journey that is highly dependent on accessibility based on financial capability and social support. (e clinical presentation is more aggressive due to the higher tumour burden and more proliferative tumor cells with cytopenias being profound and more organomegaly. (e diagnosis is made based on at least 20% of total white blood cells being circulating plasma cells with a peripheral blood absolute plasma cell count of at least 2 ×109 /l. Treatment with novel agents followed by autologous stem cell transplant in those who are transplant eligible leads to better outcomes.


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