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The extensively employed limited-gene coverage NGS panels lead to clinically inadequate molecular profiling of myeloid neoplasms. The aim of the present investigation was to assess performance and clinical utility of a comprehensive DNA panel for myeloid neoplasms. Sixty-one previously well characterized samples were sequenced using TSO500 library preparation kit on NextSeq550 platform. Variants with a VAF ≥ 5% and a total read depth of >50X were filtered for analysis. The following results were recorded-for clinical samples: clinical sensitivity (97%), specificity (100%), precision (100%) and accuracy (99%) whereas reference control results were 100% for analytical sensitivity, specificity, precision and accuracy, with high intra- and inter-run reproducibility. The panel identified 880 variants across 292 genes, of which, 749 variants were in genes not covered in the 54 gene panel. The investigation revealed 14 variants in ten genes, and at least one was present in 96.2% patient samples that were pathogenic/ likely pathogenic in myeloid neoplasms. Also, 15 variants in five genes were found to be pathogenic/ likely pathogenic in other tumor types. Further, the TMB and MSI scores ranged from 0–7 and 0–9, respectively. The high analytical performance and clinical utility of this comprehensive NGS panel makes it practical and clinically relevant for adoption in clinical laboratories for routine molecular profiling of myeloid neoplasms.

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