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Pathology (East Africa)


Issues: The scarcity of pathologists in sub-Saharan Africa is a well established fact that is attributable to few training programmes in the region; this is further compounded by the lack of harmonised curricula, training and exams within and without member countries.

Description of the intervention: Through the Association of Pathologists of East, Central and Southern Africa, the College of Pathologists of East, Central and Southern Africa (COPECSA) was formed with the clear-cut goal of establishing a regional and internationally recognised college to support and inform good quality medical and laboratory practice by promoting leadership, mentorship and excellence in the safe practice of pathology through training, exams, accreditation, advocacy and professional development for health.

Lessons learnt: Since its inception in 2010, COPECSA has conferred fellowships to 120 practising pathologists in the East, Central and Southern Africa in partnership with international organisations; the college has been awarded five competitive grants and conducted several quality improvement workshops.

Recommendations: This paper describes the journey that COPECSA has made towards standardising the practice and training of pathology in the East Central and Southern Africa region.

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African Journal of Laboratory Medicine

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