The Top 25 Laboratory Tests by Volume and Revenue in Five Different Countries

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Pathology (East Africa)


Objectives: To compare the most common diagnostic/laboratory tests across five different referral hospitals by volume and revenue.
Methods: The authors obtained data on volumes and reimbursement rates for the most common 25 tests at the five hospitals with which they are affiliated and organized them to be as comparable as possible. Simple descriptive statistics were used to make cross-country comparisons.
Results: There are strong similarities across all five hospitals in the top five tests by both volume and revenue. However, the top five by volume differ from the top five by revenue. Reimbursement rates also follow common patterns, being lowest for the most common biochemical test; intermediate for the most common hematology and microbiology tests, respectively; and highest for the most common pathology test.
Conclusions: Most of the most common tests also appear in the new Essential Diagnostics List. This may inform plans for universal health coverage.


American Journal of Clinical Pathology