Management of post-partum hemorrhage in low-income countries

Gijs Walraven, Aga Khan University
Sikolia Wanyonyi, Aga Khan University
William Stone, Aga Khan University


The provision of safe and effective delivery care for all women in poor countries remains elusive, resulting in a continuing burden of mortality in general and mortality from post-partum haemorrhage in particular. Deployment of a functional health system and effective linkage of the health system to communities are the necessary prerequisites for the provision of the life-saving technical interventions that will make a difference in individual cases. Sadly, two factors militate against progress: the mantra that ‘we know what works’ (resulting in some serious gaps in evidence for best practice in resource-poor settings) and a lack of large-scale investment in maternity services to counteract the degradation of infrastructure and depletion of human resources evident in many countries.