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Imaging and Diagnostic Radiology (East Africa)


The WFUMB Centers of Education (COEs) were originally a project of WHO and they were started in the late nineties for developing countries, with one center in each continent of the world. They provide education in medical ultrasound in countries where there is a need. They grant recognition to participants after completion of courses, accumulate ultrasound related reference materials and serve as reference centers for the region where they are situated. COEs offer education in ultrasound for doctors as well as other medical personnel. The country must first establish an ultrasound society for its country or region, which has to be recognized by WFUMB. A dedicated and responsible key person is appointed as Director and is in charge of the COE. WFUMB funds the COEs in cooperation with its regional member-organization, which is based on a formal contract with the national societies for ultrasound.

WFUMB's main goal is to bring sustainable ultrasound to all regions of the world, especially when WHO estimates show that approximately 2/3 of the world's population has no access to medical imaging of any kind. The COEs support ultrasound education in low resource areas at 13 locations around the globe.

Whilst the goals for all COEs are the same, innovation helps some COEs achieve their goals quicker and more effectively. The lecture will address areas where novel ideas are working and continue to excel in many ways. Resources are always finite and must be taken into account when implementing such ideas. These ‘innovations’ are then shared with other COEs for the benefit of learning from each other and bringing about improvement for other COEs and WFUMB's education program in general.

The innovative ideas are usually applicable to all COEs, regardless of their citing; they may have to be tweaked a little but in the long run, they always bear fruits. As a team, we hope to create new ideas on how to teach ultrasound, new ways to bring out ultrasound to the farthest areas and new COEs to make this come true.

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