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Global health education holds a paradox: the provision of global health degrees focusing on challenges in low-income and middle-income countries has increased in high-income countries, while those in these low-income and middle-income countries lack access to contribute their expertise, creating an ‘information problem’. Breast cancer is a pressing global health priority, which requires curriculum design, implementation, ownership and leadership by those with direct and lived experience of breast cancer.

The Kenya-UK Breast Cancer Awareness Week was conceptualised following the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between the Kenyan and UK governments launching the Kenya UK Health Alliance. This alliance aims to promote health cooperation to address Kenya’s breast cancer challenge. Here, we present the first of the collaborative’s initiatives: a breast cancer global health education programme designed, implemented, owned and led by Kenyan stakeholders.

We present the utilisation of the Virtual Roundtable for Collaborative Education Design for the design and implementation of a nationwide virtual breast cancer awareness week delivered across eleven Kenyan medical schools. By involving partners with lived and/or professional experience of breast cancer in Kenya in all stages of the design and delivery of the awareness week, the project experimented with disrupting power dynamics and fostered ownership of the initiative by colleagues with direct expertise of breast cancer in Kenya.

This initiative provides a platform, precedent and playbook to guide professionals from other specialties in the design and implementation of similar global collaborative ventures. We have used this approach to continue to advocate for global health curricula design change, so that those with lived experiences of global health challenges in their contextualised professional and personal environments are given leadership, reward and ownership of their curricula and further to highlight breast cancer as a global heath priority.

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