Global cancer control: choosing the road less travelled

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General Surgery (East Africa)


As a practising clinician in Kenya, a lower-middle-income country, what does global cancer control mean to me and the patients whom I serve? What is the context for engagement with efforts that are led by high-income countries (HICs) to improve local care for patients? The two Series papers1, 2 on global cancer control networks in The Lancet Oncology provide a sense of how HICs could meaningfully engage in mitigating the global cancer burden. These Series papers acknowledge the need for bidirectional learning. True learning can occur only in a setting of humility and with a nuanced approach to knowledge sharing that appreciates that disparities are complex, intersectional, and frequently transcend geography.3, 4 The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the fragilities in all countries’ health systems and the underlying inequities, giving health-care workers opportunities to reflect on the shortcomings in their health-care systems and collectively regroup.

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Lancet Oncology