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General Surgery (East Africa)


Gynaecomastia is caused by an increase in ductal tissue, stroma and fat in the male breast. Frequently it occurs at the time of hormonal changes during infancy, adolescence and old age. Galen, introduced the term gynaecomastia in the second century AD and surgical excision was first described by Pauli of Aegina in the seventh AD (1,2). Ultrasound assisted liposuction and surgical excision of glandular tissue through an inferior circumareolar incision is currently the best mode of treatment. In this study seven patients varying from the ages 17-45 years were operated on using this technique at the Aga Khan University teaching Hospital. Of these, four had drains inserted and the other three had none. Of the latter, two had seromas as a complication which was managed with serial aspiration. The group with drains healed without complication of seroma. Investigations done were limited and non exhaustive for patients with gynaecomastia.

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East African Medical Journal