Growing the global cancer care system: Success stories from around the world and lessons for the future

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General Surgery (East Africa)


Abstract Despite significant biomedical advancements in various realms of oncology, the benefits of these developments are not equitably distributed, particularly in under-resourced settings. While much work has described the challenges and systemic barriers in global cancer control, in this essay we focus on success stories. This piece describes clinical care delivered at Rwanda’s Butaro Cancer Center of Excellence, the cancer research collaborations under India’s National Cancer Grid, and the efforts of Latin America’s Institute of Cancer of São Paulo in advancing cancer care and training. These examples highlight the potential of strategic collaborations and resource allocation strategies in improving cancer care globally. We emphasize the critical role of partnerships between physicians and allied health professionals, funders, and policymakers in enhancing access to treatment and infrastructure, advancing contextualized research and national guidelines, and establishing regional and global collaborations. We also draw attention to challenges faced in diverse global settings and outline benchmarks to measure success in the fight against cancer.

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Journal of the National Cancer Institute