Dorsal pancreas agenesis, an incidental finding during acute appendicitis diagnosis: a case report

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Family Medicine (East Africa); Imaging and Diagnostic Radiology (East Africa)


Introduction and importance: Dorsal pancreas agenesis is a rare congenital anomaly characterized by the absence or severe underdevelopment of the dorsal pancreatic bud. We report a case of a man who presented with features of appendicitis only to the incidentally discovery of dorsal pancreas agenesis during the diagnosis of acute appendicitis. We describe our experience on radiological diagnostic formulation and work up. Case presentation: We present the case of a 45-year-old male patient who presented to the emergency department with symptoms and signs suggestive of acute appendicitis. A computed tomography scan and laboratory investigations confirmed the diagnosis of appendicitis. Incidentally, the scan also revealed the absence of dorsal pancreatic tissue, leading to the incidental diagnosis of dorsal pancreas agenesis. Clinical discussion: Dorsal pancreas agenesis is often asymptomatic and can be incidentally discovered during imaging studies or surgical interventions for unrelated conditions. In our case, the initial presentation of acute appendicitis provided an opportunity for the fortuitous diagnosis of dorsal pancreas agenesis. This emphasizes the importance of comprehensive imaging reporting in patients who undergo imaging for other conditions. Conclusion: This case report highlights the fortuitous discovery of dorsal pancreas agenesis during the diagnostic workup for acute appendicitis. It emphasizes the need for thorough imaging evaluation and reporting along with the importance of considering anatomical variations in patients presenting with abdominal symptoms. Increased awareness among healthcare professionals about such congenital anomalies can lead to their early recognition and appropriate management.

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International Journal of Surgery Case Reports

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