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General Surgery (East Africa); Imaging and Diagnostic Radiology (East Africa)


Introduction and importance: Thyroid cancer accounts for majority of endocrine cancers with follicular thyroid cancer the second most common. It tends to spread via hematogenous route with distant metastasis thus besides presenting as a neck mass it may also present with symptoms tallying to regions of metastasis which may misguide the diagnosis. We report a case of a 50-year-old man who presented with features of appendicitis only to discover metastatic right iliac bone follicular thyroid cancer. We describe our experience on diagnostic formulation, radiological work up, surgery, radioactive iodine therapy and follow up.

Case presentation: 50-year-old man presenting with acute abdomen and fevers with suspicion for appendicitis, worked up and found to have metastatic follicular carcinoma. Underwent total thyroidectomy and radioactive iodine therapy to achieve disease stability without progression with a 5 year follow up completed.

Clinical discussion: The tendency to jump to medical imaging to establish a diagnosis in a lab oriented rather than clinical oriented approach. The role of radiology to establish the underlying disease and identify the primary lesion. Successfully halting disease progression for metastatic follicular thyroid carcinoma with surgery and radioactive iodine therapy.

Conclusion: Right iliac fossa tenderness does not always equate to acute appendicitis hence the use of diagnostic imaging to diagnose the metastatic lesion thus simplifying the puzzle to identify the primary. We hope through sharing our experience, we encourage the use of interventional radiology in a region that tends to opt for open approach when percutaneous approaches have shown to be successful.

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International Journal of Surgery Case Reports

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