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With a median age estimated at 18 years, East Africa is one of the youngest regions in the world. However, relatively little research has been conducted to understand how they identify themselves and what values and norms shape or influence them. About 7,000 individuals between the age of 18 and 35 were interviewed in Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and Uganda. Youth constructed their identity along four dimensions; youth (age-associated); nationality; faith; family. However, country, religion, gender and age influenced the ordering of identity. With the exception of Rwanda, East African a tolerance for rule violation and corruption was prevalent among East African youth. This difference offers hope because it demonstrates that respect for the rule of law, unequivocal commitment to integrity and public accountability can be enforced and transmitted to the next generation, the youth. Values and norms are shaped by and co-evolve with institutions and norms of the wider society.


International Journal of Adolescence and Youth

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