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Liver disease is seventh leading cause of death worldwide. In the past, liver transplantation was thought to be the only treatment for the last stage liver disease but currently stem cells therapy is an alternative method for the treatment of liver disease. So mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) transplantation is one of the best tool for treatment of liver disease. The aim of the current study was to investigate the combined effect of vitamin E (Vit E) and MSCs on liver fibrosis. Liver damage was induced in male albino mice intraperitoneally with carbon tetrachloride (CCl4) twice a week for six weeks. Mice bone marrow derived MSC was cultured in vitro and then transplanted to CCl4 injured mice through their tail vain injection. Two weeks after MSCs transplantation, all group of mice were examined. The morphological result showed that the combined therapy of Vit E (orally) and MSCs transplantation have significant therapeutic effect on CCl4 injured mice as compared to Vit E and MSCs individually. Biochemical data also showed that serum ALT and bilirubin level were found to be significantly decreased by the combined treatment of Vit E and MSCs as compared to those mice which received MSCs and Vit E separately. MSCs and Vit E treated mice combined showed a significant decrease in liver weight, closely to normal. Reverse transcriptase PCR result also confirmed a significant anti fibrotic effect of Vit E combined with MSCs transplanted mice on liver fibrosis as showed by down-regulating apoptotic marker (Bax) expression and increasing the expression of antiapoptotic marker (Bcl-xl). Therefore Vit E along with MSCs have strong therapeutic potential on liver fibrosis in CCl4 injured mice.

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Journal of Applied Environmental and Biological Sciences

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