The nurse lecturer’s role in mentoring the mentors

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Centre for Innovation in Medical Education


Aim: This article reports on the results of a survey conducted early in 1999 investigating the effectiveness of current arrangements for mentor preparation and ongoing mentor support provided within adult placement areas within Greater Glasgow Health Board.
Method: A sample of 1 50 mentors was surveyed with a response rate of 47 per cent (n=71).
Results: Results indicate that although mentors are generally satisfied with the current approach to mentorship preparation, the issue of support from both managers and academic staff is problematic.
Conclusion: Respondents indicated that they wished to see lecturers visiting the practice placement areas and providing support, particularly in relation to assessment of students. Also highlighted in this study is the need for more effective communication between placement areas and academic staff.


This work was published before the author joined Aga Khan University.

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Nursing Standard