Tales from a Gynecologist


Tales from a Gynecologist


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Ever wondered what goes through your Gynecologist’s mind as you (or your significant other) prepare to bare all on the examination couch?

Tales From A Gynecologist provides a unique behind the scenes perspective on the day to day encounters experienced in a busy Gynecological practice. Dr Murage’s humorous and compassionate anecdotes will have you splitting your sides with laughter……and often surreptitiously wiping away a tear or two as well. From fibroids and hormonal imbalances to the taboo subjects of transgender disorder and infertility, and even touching on weird and wonderful advances in medicine such as microwave therapy and medical droids, this deeply heart warming book will surprise, entertain and at times even shock you.

Guaranteed to cure you of any gynecological jitters, this book is a must read for anyone who’s ever felt nervous about visiting their Gynecologist.

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Tales from a Gynecologist