Islam and the foundations of political power

Islam and the foundations of political power

Ali Abdelraziq
Maryam Loutfi, Translator
Abdou Filali-Ansary, Editor

Scholarly features include

  • A substantial introduction that places the essay in its context and explains its impact
  • An appendix of Razek’s sources with full publication details
  • Explanatory notes beside Razek’s original footnotes
  • Additional notes about particular people, events or vocabulary that may be unfamiliar to modern readers


Egypt, 1925: the Muslim world is in turmoil over Mustapha Kamal Ataturk's proposal to abolish the caliphate in Turkey. The debate over Islam and politics re-ignites as traditional political systems dissolve under pressure from European powers and most Muslim countries lose their sovereignty.

Into this debate enters Ali Abdel Razek, a religious cleric trained at Al-Azhar University, arguing in favour of secularism in his essay 'Islam and the Foundations of Political Power', translated here for the first time.