Interpretations of law and ethics in Muslim contexts

Interpretations of law and ethics in Muslim contexts

Aptin Khanbaghi, Editor

Vol.1: Muslim civilisations abstracts


200 abstracts of scholarly publications on Islamic law and ethics

This volume brings together some of the many unheard voices of scholars studying law and ethics in languages other than English. It features 200 abstracts with bibliographical details in 3 languages (English, Arabic and Turkish) giving access to information about scholarly publications from Muslim contexts in the fields of law and Shari'ah.

Law within Muslim societies is not uniform; even within Muslim majority regions it can be interpreted differently according to different denominations and legal traditions. As law forms an integral part of normative social practice, reflecting the moral and ethical principles of a society, it is important to highlight the diversity of interpretations to better enable the study of law along with the ethical principles of a community.