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Challenges and opportunities for authentic student participation in school governance: Lessons from Zanzibar

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Book Chapter

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Education in Tanzania in the era of globalisation: Challenges and opportunities


Institute for Educational Development, East Africa




Lugalla, J. & Ngwaru, M.


Mkuki na Nyota Publishers


Dar es salaam


This chapter draws the dynamics of student participation in school governance. It reveals the importance of student’s participation in school governance through student government and school committee. The chapter reveals that student participation is hampered by a number of factors such as unbalanced power relations and socio-cultural beliefs and practices, which favour adults at the expense of students, and gender issues which limit opportunities for girls. Other factors are such as participation skills among students and flouting of the policy guidelines. The suggestions that have been proposed are such as reviewing student participation policies, enhancing efforts to minimize or eliminate the policy-practice gap, avoiding unfavourable socio-cultural beliefs and practices, as well as equipping students with essential skills for authentic participation.