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Two of every three persons living with dementia reside in low- and middle-incomecountries (LMICs). The projected increase in global dementia rates is expected toaffect LMICs disproportionately. However, the majority of global dementia care costsoccur in high-income countries (HICs), with dementia research predominantly focus-ing on HICs. This imbalance necessitates LMIC-focused research to ensure thatcharacterization of dementia accurately reflects the involvement and specificities ofdiverse populations. Development of effective preventive, diagnostic, and therapeu-tic approaches for dementia in LMICs requires targeted, personalized, and harmonizedefforts. Our article represents timely discussions at the 2022 Symposium on Demen-tia and Brain Aging in LMICs that identified the foremost opportunities to advancedementia research, differential diagnosis, use of neuropsychometric tools, aware-ness, and treatment options. We highlight key topics discussed at the meeting andprovide future recommendations to foster a more equitable landscape for dementiaprevention, diagnosis, care, policy, and management in LMICs

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Alzheimer’s & Dementia


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