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A novel botanical dietary supplement, formulated as a chewable tablet containing a defined mixture of Souroubea spp. vine and Platanus spp. Bark, was tested as a canine anxiolytic for thunderstorm noise-induced stress (noise aversion). The tablet contained five highly stable triterpenes and delivered 10 mg of the active ingredient betulinic acid (BA) for an intended 1 mg/kg dose in a 10 kg dog. BA in tablets was stable for 30 months in storage at 23 °C. Efficacy of the tablets in reducing anxiety in dogs was assessed in a blinded, placebo-controlled study by recording changes in blood cortisol levels and measures of behavioral activity in response to recorded intermittent thunder. Sixty beagles were assigned into groups receiving: placebo, 0.5×, 1×, 2×, and 4× dose, or the positive control (diazepam), for five days. Reduction in anxiety measures was partially dose-dependent and the 1× dose was effective in reducing inactivity time (p = 0.0111) or increased activity time (p = 0.0299) compared with placebo, indicating a decrease in anxiety response. Cortisol measures also showed a dose-dependent reduction in cortisol in dogs treated with the test tablet.

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