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This study was carried out to investigate the expression of connective tissue (Collagens I and III), glia and neuronal markers in the testis of the African giant rat using histology and immunohistochemistry techniques.

Materials and Methods:

Eight (8) apparently healthy wild male African giant rats were used for this experiment, divided into 2 groups (juvenile and adult) of 4 animals each. The testes were harvested following intracardial perfusion of the rats and histology was performed using Haematoxylin-Eosin stain and Mallory-Heideinhain rapid one- step staining for connective tissue. Immunohistochemical identification was achieved using the following antibodies: anti-collagen type I, anti-collagen type III, anti-glial fibrillary acidic protein and anti-p75 nerve growth factor for the expression of collagen type I, collagen type III, astrocyte-like cell and neuronal cells respectively. Photomicrography was achieved using Axioskop® microscope and quantitative data were analyzed using student t-test.


The cyto-architecture of the testis was typical in the African giant rat. The connective tissue expressed in the juvenile and adult group, signaling of glial-like cells were seen in the perivascular region across the experimental groups. Immuno-localization of neuronal cells were seen in the interstitial spaces across all the groups, but with more expressions in the juvenile. Conclusion: This work has provided a clear description of the expression of connective tissue, neuronal and glial cells in the testis of the African giant rat and their possible relationships across juvenile and adult groups.


This work was published before the author joined Aga Khan University.

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Journal of Morphological Sciences