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Malnutrition and Quality of Life in Cirrhosis Patients in Tertiary Care Hospital, Karachi

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Dr Om Parkash, Aga Khan University


Lecture Hall-3

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27-2-2014 3:25 PM


Aims: Malnutrition in cirrhotic patients is responsible for higher morbidities and mortalities and extent of malnutrition/ under-nutrition in cirrhotic patients in Pakistan is not known. Therefore it is mandatory to investigate burden of malnutrition in cirrhosis and their quality of life.

Methods: This was cross sectional study on cirrhotic patients visiting outpatient clinics of Aga Khan University and Jinnah post graduate medical center Karachi in ward 7 in 2010-12. Malnutrition was assessed by protein calorie malnutrition score (PCM), Anthropometry and Bio-electrical impedance (BIA). Subjects were divided into mild, moderate and severe malnutrition. Quality of life was assessed by using the health related quality of life (HRQOL) questionnaire.

Results: 148 cirrhotic subjects were included in study, 70 (47.3%) were male and mean age of subjects was 49.1±11 years. 138 (87.8%) had viral associated liver cirrhosis. Majority of the study subjects had child A (n=61; 44.5%) and B (n=59; 43.1%).

In anthropometry, mean weight (kg) was 61.11±12.48; height (meters) was 1.64±0.07, bodymass index (BMI) was 22.34±5.9, midarm circumference was 26.40±4.15 cm, triceps skind thickness 27.3±10.43mm.

Bioelectrical impedance showed total body water (Kg) 34.99±7.51, fat free mass (kg) 45.6±12.09, total body fat percentage was 22.27±10.79.

Mean Protein calorie malnutrition (PCM) score was 91.20±16.70. The PCM showed malnutrition in approximately 109 (73.6%) subjects; mild in 72(48.4%), moderate 34(23%) and severe in 3 (2%). 57(35.4%) had poor quality of life.

There is significant correlation of PCM score with BIA parameters (TBW, FFMI, Fat% etc) and there is not significant correlation between PCM and HRQOL.

Conclusion: We conclude that majority of the patients with liver cirrhosis had malnutrition as assessed by PCM score as well as BIA and anthropometry

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Malnutrition and Quality of Life in Cirrhosis Patients in Tertiary Care Hospital, Karachi

Lecture Hall-3