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Dr Gulshan Bano, Aga Khan University


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27-2-2014 10:15 AM


Compliance to a healthy diet is very important for effective management of type 2 Diabetes Mellitus. Use of electronic devices in the field of health care has been successful in motivating patients to improve their health behaviours. Studies have proved that by motivating patients with reminders can be improved compliance to healthy diet which can lead to better diabetes control. However such studies have not been conducted in Pakistan. Objective: To assess the difference in dietary compliance in patients with type-II diabetes, who were reminded through text message (short message service) vs. those provided standard care”. A block randomized control trial is being conducted at Aga Khan University and Hospital in Karachi, Pakistan. Diabetic patients age 30 to 70 years, who have been diagnosed and confirmed as a known cases of type 2 DM in the last 2 to 15 years are being invited to participate in the study. In the intervention arm three text message reminders are being sent per week using Frontline SMS software for 3 months. Compliance to diet was assessed as, compliance to dietary guideline is being measured by assigning score to the dietary intake assessed by Food Frequency Questionnaire (FFQ). Interim analysis was conducted after follow-up of 1.5 months on 60 participants. We did not observe any difference in dietary compliance in the two arms of the study (F (group) = 0.065; p-value= 0.790) as well as within the arms (F (time) = 0; p-value>0.990). Marginal interaction was observed between group variable (intervention and control arm) and factor variable (mean dietary compliance score by time) (F (interaction) = 3.702; p-value= 0.059). Findings of the interim analysis suggest that there is no effect of text messages (short message service) on dietary compliance of diabetic patients. We are unable to make conclusions because; the reason might be the time period to observe the behavioural change is short.

Keywords: Electronic reminders, dietary compliance, Diabetes mellitus, text messages guidelines


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Assessment of Dietary Compliance Among Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Receiving Text Message Reminders

Lecture Hall-1